The school of Transformation

At Trans Academy we will gladly guide you on the path of crossdressing or even the start of transitioning. We offer one-time lessons as well as lesson plans about make-up, styling and behavior.



Learn how to do your own makeup. Contour, lips, eyes the whole look that will match for you and make you look more feminine.


Find your look, clothing, breastforms, hairstyle that matches your bodytype and personality best.

Behaviour & posture

Your behavior and movements will be observed and you will be thought how to improve them. Learn how to walk, sit, move, behave more feminine.

Total package

This custom total package. 2 lessons of 4 hours. You will learn about makeup and styling, behaviour, and movement. A professional photoshoot is included.

VIP become a lady

You will be transformed into a classy lady and will have a luxurious high tea where you will learn how to be classy. This is a 5 hour option that also includes a professional photoshoot.

First steps outside

You will be transformed and you will get some tips about movement and walking and you will be guided and taken outside for your first steps outside as a woman.

Extensive course

Our extended option in which you will learn everything you need, ranging from makeup, styling, styling your wig, walking on heels, how to pose, how to sit and more. Really, the complete package, even a photoshoot is included.

Classes by

Johnny / Lux

Photography by

Loren / Laurens

About us

Lux & Loren

In the past we both have considered transitioning. We still crossdress from time to time. Lux from female to male, and Loren male to female.

With the experience we’ve gathered over the years, we happily guide people to become who they want to be, whether this is becoming the real you, or to occasionally experience the other you. Feel welcome to join us. 


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