BFF Experience


BFF Experience

The feeling of being a real woman during a pleasant high tea with a nice conversation partner.

If you don’t have any crossdress/gender fluid/trans people in your circle of friends or if you don’t know anyone who can turn you into a woman to experience your female side optimally, then this can be a great option for you!

We will ask you beforehand to send us information about your sizes and the style in which you would like to see yourself and then we will start on creating your look. You will be transformed and then you can enjoy a high tea with our stylist / makeup artist and talk about your interests in MtF, in short a nice moment to be your female self. Our photographer’s service is included in this option to make sure you have a lasting memory of your experience.

Do you find it nicer if our photographer is there as Loren or Laurens. Would do you like to bring someone with you to this experience? That is all possible. Contact us beforehand and then we will discuss the possibilities.


For questions and bookings

Are you student or in transition, ask for 25% discount.