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Do you need assistance with applying makeup properly? Well look no further, here at Trans Academy we can help you. Our Make-upartist can be booked for individual or group lessons (for as far as current COVID-19 regulations allow). We offer one-time lessons as well as a complete workshop course.


Which clothing and styles fit your body best? How do you accentuate your curves? Which colour and style fit you best? And let’s not forget which type of wig and hair colour. Our stylist loves to help you out with these questions and more. With our ever growing collection of clothes and wigs, you can try out several looks to help you find the style you love and looks best on you. There is also the possibility to buy some of our outfits and/or get guidance for online shopping or even to go out shopping together.


To accomplish this we have the extended option in which you will learn everything you need, ranging from makeup, styling, styling your wig, walking on heels, how to pose, how to sit and more, the complete package. Included in this course is also a photographer, who will take pictures of the classes, your progress and to top it off, to have a photoshoot with.


In this VIP package you will be guided by a true Lady. During this course you will be turned into a lady, first you will be styled and dressed as one and then while enjoying a high tea with also a glass of champagne, you will be taught by our stylists about table manners and behavior. Next to that you will be taught how to walk on heels with dignity and how to stand and sit like a proper lady. Also included in this deal is the service of a photographer who will take photos of the experience.


At Trans Academy you can also book a beauty treatment to improve your skin. As you will wear make-up more often, you also have to take proper care of your skin. In this treatment are: A deep cleansing, 2 facial masks, led skin therapy, hand spa treatment with paraffin packing for soft feminine hands.


* Extra beauty option: Get your ears pierced or nails done (gel).


Trans Makeover is our base package, it includes a photoshoot and make-over

  • Two different looks, make-up, hair, clothing.
  • A professional photoshoot.
  • Food and drinks are included.

A four hour makeover € 249

We will make sure we have everything that’s needed. You just sit back and relax and let the transformation begin!


With the current COVID-19 conditions, this option is currently on pause.

In the future we want to organize

  • Crossdresser high tea
  • Crossdresser dinner parties
  • Crossdresser pyjama parties

For questions and bookings

Are you student or in transition, ask for 25% discount. 

For questions and bookings​

Are you student or in transition, ask for 25% discount. 

[email protected]